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There are a number of different free 3D graphics applications available, although one stands out among the pack. From modelling to rendering, sculpting, and more, the following is a list of free 3D applications.

3D Applications


Blender is obviously the big player in the free 3D application space. A veritable Swiss army knife of tools including modelling, sculpting, rendering, animating (2D and 3D), and even video editing. Blender is open-source and cross-platform.

BForArtists  (Learn More)

This is a special fork of Blender (2.79) that has a redesigned UI.  If you like Blender’s functionality but not it’s workflow, BForArtists might be right for you.


Daz3D is a free character creator with built-in animation and rendering support. It requires registration (and they spam you… a lot!) and offers a gigantic catalog of paid assets.


Hexagon is a free 3D modelling application, also from Daz3D, in fact it can be downloaded along side Daz3D. Orientated towards creating clothing and props for Daz.


Wings3D is a dedicated modeller built around the winged-edge polygon data type. This subdivision modeller was heavily inspired by Nendo by Nichimin software. It’s free and open source as well as available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

MakeHuman    (Learn More)

MakeHuman started life as a Blender add-on, it is now a stand alone 3D character creator. Easily create 3D rigged characters using video game character creator style interface.

VRoid    (Learn More)

VRoid is another character creator, this one focused on creating Anime style characters.  The website and documentation is all in Japanese, so can present a bit of a challenge.

Rocket3F    (Learn More)

Rocket3F is a dedicated modelling application with a full suite of modelling tools as well as retopology tools.  The free version simply limits your customization options.


NVIL is the technology that powers Rocket3F, previously known as VoidWorlds.  It is much less user friendly than Rocket3F.

NeoBarok    (Learn More)

NeoBarok is a 3D modelling and sculpting app for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Sketchup is a modelling package, especially toward architectural models.  The web version is available free, while the stand alone versions require a subscription.

MeshMolder   (Learn More)

MeshMolder is a free sculpting mesh application like working with digital clay.  It is Windows only.

Sculptris    (Learn More)

Sculptris was acquired by Pixologic (ZBrush) and given away for free.  It’s a simple sculpting application that sadly hasn’t been updated in years.

Vectary    (Learn More)

Vectary is a online based complete 3D modelling application that runs entirely in your browser.

MagicaVoxel    (Learn More)

A free and rather amazing Voxel modelling application.

MeshMixer   (Learn More)

MeshMixer from Autodesk is more of a kitbashing modeller than anything else.

Kanova    (Learn More)

A 3D sculpting application that works in VR and is currently available on Steam.

Clara.io    (Learn More)

Clara.io is another browser based 3D modelling, rendering and texturing application that also comes loaded with models.

Milkshape 3D

This app is seriously outdated at this point.  It’s a free 3D modelling application designed originally for Quake style models, it hasn’t been updated in years but it does have it’s loyalists.  EDIT– Milkshape is time limited shareware.

SculptGL (Learn More)

An open source in the browser 3D sculpting application.  It’s as good or better than Sculptris… check it out!


Metasequoia is a 3D modelling application with a fairly simple workflow.  There is a free version available that is somewhat limited on features.

Dust3D  (Learn More)

Dust is a unique open source cross platform 3D modeller for quickly generating base meshes with auto UV wrap support.

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