Animation Applications

Free Animation Applications

2D Animation Packages


The open source version of the full suite of 2D animation tools Toonz.


Free and open source 2D animation package.  For more information watch our hands-on video available here.


A free and open source 2D drawing and animation package.  For Windows, Mac and Linux.

Animation Paper

Animation Paper is an commercial animation package, that makes an old version available for use, no strings attached.


Stkyz is a cross platform freeware stickman animation software… Ok, I’ll admit, this one is somewhat niche.


Tupi is a cross platform GPL licensed animation package aimed at beginners and children.


DragonBones is a free bone based 2D animation system, with a heavy focus on game engine deployment.  You can learn more about DragonBones in this video.


While primarily a 3D package, Blender has strong 2D drawing and animation support, especially in Blender 2.8.  For more details about the 2D functionality in Blender 2.8, watch this video.


COATools, or Cut Out Animation Tools, is a DragonBones like bone animation system that runs inside of Blender.  You can see it in action in this video.

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