AppGameKit Studio Tutorial Series

In this tutorial series, we are going to have a crash course of using the newly released AppGameKit Studio game engine. That name may sound familiar, as AppGameKit is a long-running game development framework, that we first covered back in 2015. AppGameKit Studio builds on the solid C and BASIC APIs of AppGameKit but adds missing functionality such as a modern world editor and an integrated development environment.

The code we cover in this tutorial is fully compatible with the now rebranded AppGameKit Classic, but obviously, the editor related functionality requires the new AppGameKit Studio available here. Assets used in this tutorial come from various Game Creator game packs and I have permission to redistribute them with the tutorial. You can download a zip file of the finished project with assets right here.

We start with an overview of the tools in AppGameKit Studio, then will quickly cover all the basics of creating a game, graphics, input, world creation, sound, spritesheets, and more. Without further ado, let’s jump in. There is also a video-based version covering the same material as this tutorial available here and embedded below.

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