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Getting Started

At this point Blender with Armory should now be loaded. This tutorial assumes you are already familiar with Blender 2.7. If you aren’t don’t worry, I have you covered! If you need to learn Blender check out our step by step intensive Blender text tutorial series available here, or if you prefer video we have a full 4 part video tutorial series that teaches Blender 1 hour at a time, available here.

Let’s look at the Armory specific extensions that are added to Blender 2.7. Most of the Armory interface is in the Properties panel. In the Render tab there are several categories that are Armory specific, Armory Player, Armory Exporter, Armory Render Path and Armory Bake.


Render Tab Armory3D

Before we continue there are a couple steps we need to do. First and foremost, we should save our Blend file before continuing, in fact we have to. Simply select File->Save As… the name and location don’t matter. The location you select will be the root directory of your project.

Armory3D Save

Now that it is saved, we need to switch Blender into Cycles graphics mode. In the top most menu bar, drop down Blender Render and select Cycles Render instead.

Cycles Render

Now let’s build your game for the first time. You have to build the game at least once before you can attach scripts. Simply click the Build button in the Armory Player section in the Render tab:

Armory3D player

You can toggle between Krom, C++ and Browser for build targets. Krom is the quickest, this is the built in Haxe virtual machine and is a great option while testing. C++ uses the C++ compiler installed on your machine to build a native EXE, generally giving the best performance but taking the longest time. Browser compiles to JavaScript to run in… well, the browser. For now stick with Krom. Remember, you have to save your Blend file before you can click Build! The results of your build will be displayed in the empty portion at the bottom of the 3D view:

Armory3D compiling

You can also check the status and get a lot more detail by looking at the console. To open the console in Blender select the menu Window->Toggle System Console:

toggles system console armory3D

You will notice all kinds of information is displayed in the System Console, so you might want to keep it visible.

armory3D system console

One big warning, closing the system console will exit Blender! If you want the console window to be hidden, be sure to toggle it again.

Now that we have a successfully built game, let’s run it. You can either click the Play button to the left of Build, or you can hit F5. Assuming everything works correctly you should see:

Armory3D getting started

Congratulations, you just created your first successful Armory game! Now let’s look at making it actually… good.

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