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Armory3D is a new take on the game engine formula.  It’s an open source cross platform game engine that runs inside of Blender.  This makes it so you can develop your assets, create your levels and program your game all in one place.  Behind the scenes its powered by the Haxe programming language using the Kha framework (learn more about Kha here).  In addition to programming your game using the Haxe programming language, there is also an entire visual programming system for programming your games using Nodes directly inside Blender.

This series intends to cover all aspects of working with the Armory game engine and you have you well on your way to developing Armory3D games in no time at all.  We will cover programming using both the node based as well as Haxe based programming models.  In addition to each text-based tutorial there is also a video series covering the same topics.

If you are interested in learning more about what makes the Armory engine so interesting, be sure to check out our introduction to Armory video available here and embedded below.  The tutorial series homepage is available here.

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