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Scenes and Rooms

So far we’ve done all of our work in a single scene. Generally however your game will be composed of multiple scenes. Let’s look at how you can create additional scenes and transition between them. Then we will look at an interesting tool enabling you to create indoor scenes using a 2D drawing.

Let’s create a magic stairway that transitions to another scene. In your scene, in the prefabs section, locate the Stairs, right click and select Create instance of this prefab.

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Create

A set of stairs will not appear in your scene like so:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms

In the Scenes tab, select the Settings button.

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Scenes Tab

Rename your scene to something that makes sense.

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Scene Settings

Now back in the scene bar, click the Add button:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Add

The name dialog will pop up, name the second scene. It will now show you a new scene in the editor. You can now switch between the active scenes using the scenes drop down in the scene menu:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Scene Menu

Now that we have two scenes available, switch back to sceneOne, and select our newly created staircase. Now add a On Proximity do something, set the TestArea to the most applicable shape and the size to encompass the bounds of the staircase (or on a single step if you prefer)

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - On Proximity

Set the Near to what field to The current active camera, Trigger when to Enter Radius. Now we set the action to Cameras and Scenes->Switch to another scene.

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Cameras and Scenes

In the newly created actions properties, set the Scene to your second scene:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Set the Scene

Now play your game. When you camera moves within the boundaries of the staircase, boom, the other scene is loaded.

Now let’s look at creating a room level. In the Create panel choose the Create a room mesh:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Create Panel

You can now paint a room from above on a 2D map, using a combination of walls and floor types:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Create a Room

When done, click OK and your room will be generated:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Generate Room

This provides a quick and diry way of creating enclosed spaces. You can now tweak the generated shape using CopperCube’s built in polygon editing tools, available under Polygon Editing:

CopperCube 6 - Scenes and Rooms - Polygon Editing

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