Introduction to the Defold Engine

This tutorial is going to showcase how to use the Defold 2D game engine, made available for free by King. The editor is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and is capable of targeting those platforms as well as Android, HTML5, and iOS. The primary programming language for Defold engine development is Lua, and the Defold engine uses a unique messaging system that can take a bit to get used to, but once mastered becomes very intuitive. We did an earlier tutorial series on GameFromScratch, although that used an earlier version of the editor.

The process of installing Defold is very straightforward, just be sure to select version 2 of the editor when downloading. We will start with project creation in this tutorial.

For this tutorial series, we are going to need some graphics and audio files to work with. I am using freely downloadable assets from the following locations.

Of course, you can substitute whatever assets you’d like, but those are the ones I used. Credit goes to their original creators.


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