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Computers & Equipment

  • What is your development setup?

    Due to the way my life works, I’ve long since stopped using desktop computers, preferring a laptop only workflow. When it came time to purchase my most recent laptop, I decided to take a hybrid approach. I have a laptop with a decent GPU while out and about but hook up to a Thunderbolt 3 e-GPU containing a 1080 GPU.

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    My primary laptop is a Lenova Yoga 15” 720. It’s got a 4K display, a nVidia 1050 GPU built, an OK processor in the form of the i7-7700HQ. Unfortunately, Lenovo or Microsoft broke the touchscreen drivers with the Creator Update of Windows 10 and haven’t fixed it since. Real world battery life is decent in the 4-5 hour range, it’s light enough to be portable, but offers a huge screen, although glare can be a bit disappointing. I generally buy a new laptop every 1.5 – 2 years, and document the options available when I do. Here is my most recent GameDev Laptop Guide.

    The e-GPU I use is an Aorus Gigabyte 1080. The only negative I have found is the cable length for max performance using Thunderbolt is a joke. Less than a foot in length. Compared to the Razer e-GPU, the Gigabyte is an absolute bargain.

    In terms of video production, my primary microphone is the Shure MV51. For a USB Mic, in combines portability, ease of use and audio quality into a solid package. Previously I used a Razer Seiren which while much bigger, gave good audio but had a terminal bug that caused a crackling noise randomly during recordings, ultimately a deal breaker. For recording I use Camtasia Studio, an expensive purchase, but one of the easiest video capture/edit combinations available. For video capture, especially full screen games, I occasionally use OBS Studio.

    For the odds and sods, I use a Logitech MX mouse. I’ve used this series of mouse off and on for almost a decade. Staggeringly good quality, decent battery life, ok responsiveness, good comfort and has USB and Bluetooth connectivity. I’ve purchased dedicated gaming mice and the quality has been horrible. For keyboards, I’ve traditionally used Apple keyboards, but their build quality is just awful, gone through 3 in as many years. Now I use the Microsoft Surface keyboard which frankly is a clone, but a higher quality clone.

Game Engines

  • What is your favourite game engine?

    Such a tough question! We have tried many, many game engines and so asking us to pick one is like asking us who is our favourite child. Luckily we only have one awesome kid to pick from.


  • What is the difference between devga.me and gamefromscratch.com?
    Devga.me is meant to be a modern, clean site focused solely on longer tutorials series.  Gamefromscratch will be focused on more timely information such as breaking news as well as shorter or one off tutorials, but it will continue to contain all of the tutorials it has to day.  Gamefromscratch will also highlight new developments on Devga.me and the YouTube channel.
    The easiest way to think of it is, Gamefromscratch is like a newspaper, while DevGame is like a book.
  • Have you ever considered writing a book?

    Funny you should ask that question. I am in fact a published author.  My mom and 10 people sprinkled across the world are proud owners of this awesome book that I wrote on the Mobile Playstation Development Kit.   (affiliate link)

    I’m currently writing a book on Godot. You can get an early view of the work-in-progress by sponsoring us on Patreon.

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